The low-carb way of living has been advocated by prominent scientists like Noakes, Rosedale and Atkins. According to these scientists, low-carb meals carry many health benefits for those who follow the diet. This new way of living becomes sustainable amid the availability of tasty, and wholesome meals prepared according to South African flavours. The preparation of these meals are often time-consuming and require creative methods of cooking in order to achieve the desired result. Tangible health benefits follows a total commitment to the low-carb lifestyle.

Gail’s Kitchen has dedicated its business proposition in providing a variety of delicious, low-carb meals that satisfy the South African taste expectations. The aim of the Kitchen is to provide meals that meet the daily demand for low-carb consumption. These include an all-nuts breakfast cereal, tasty side-dishes and scrumptious main meals. Gail has established a value chain that ensures high quality ingredients while maintaining relative cost effectiveness in order to make this lifestyle accessible to ordinary South Africans.

All health claims stated herein have been gathered from pubic literature postulated by Noakes, Rosedale and Atkins.

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